Ian Rodrigues

DevOps Engineer at Oowlish, working for Petco. I enjoy learning new things and, sharing knowledge.

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Hello, World!

#php #python #golang #javascript

Hi there! I’m Ian Rodrigues, a Brazilian software engineer working with web development since 2012. I’ve been working with lots of technologies such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and the ecosystem around them.

I also have some experience with infrastructure. I enjoy working with Docker, Terraform, and Cloud Computing, being certified as AWS Developer - Associate in 2019.

I enjoy giving talks in conferences and meetups about PHP, clean code, testing, devops, and so on. To share my knowledge, I decided to start writing blog posts to talk about my experience with those topics and a bunch of other cool stuff.

I hope you enjoy my content. Happy coding!

Thanks for reading and, if you have enjoyed it, feel free to share.

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